Issue 7.2

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1. Editorial Collective — Introduction

2. Benjamin Ogrodnik — Super 8 Chic: The Collison of Small Gauge Film, Visual Ethnography and Filmic Portraiture in Peggy Ahwesh’s Pittsburgh Trilogy (1983)

3. Alena Strohmaier, Lea Spahn — Intra-Active Documentary: Phillip Scheffner’s Havarie and New Materialist Perspectives on Migrant Cinema

4. Léa Le Cudennec — “We deserve better”: Tumblr Fandoms and the Fan Activist’s Fight for Better Representations of Queer Characters on TV

5. Dylan Cree — No Laffing Matter: The Laugh Track as More than a Function of Discourse

Reviews Section

6. Luke Robinson — Joshua Neves and Baskar Sarkar (eds). Asian Video Cultures

7. Matthew Ellis — Lee Grieveson. Cinema and the Wealth of Nations

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