Festival or Event Review Guidelines

Synoptique reviewers are asked to analyze a film festival or related event (screening series, exhibition, artist talk, conference, etc.) in a style which maintains some critical distance, reflecting on how it connects to the contemporary landscape of film and media studies.

Synoptique will not accept individual film reviews or a mere synopsis of the festival, but these can be implemented in the text in order to support your main argument and/or critical reading. We are primarily interested in events happening in Montréal and elsewhere in Québec that reflect both local academic/practitioner communities and global cultural and political trends.

Festival/Event reviews are not subject to peer review. They will be read by members of the Editorial Collective, who will decide whether or not to accept the pieces, and what revisions may be required.

Festival and events reviews do not have a set page limit, but should be around 3-5 pages (around 2,000 to 3,000 words).

Festival/Event reviews should:

  • Be 2,000 – 3,000 words
  • Focus mainly on a single festival/event
  • Include a short introduction to the festival/event discussed
  • Focus their attention on one or more specific issues/themes
  • Include the list of works cited (if any) in Chicago author-date style
  • Include the author’s name, affiliation, and a short bio at the end of the review
  • Provide URLs of the mentioned festivals


Submission Process:

The Journal’s general submission guidelines are available online. We ask all authors to submit articles to the Editorial Collective by email to editor.synoptique@gmail.com

If there are any upcoming festivals or events which you would like to cover, please send a short proposal for your review to the email mentioned above. If accepted, we will try to obtain press passes to the event.