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Book reviews do not have a set page limit, but we typically expect authors to aim for 6-8 pages (around 2 000 words). Reviews must include the full citation for the book being reviewed, along with list of works cited if any additional sources are referenced in the review. Please include a works cited in Chicago style.

Reviews should include a symmetry of the main arguments of the book, the author(s)’ methodology, whether the author(s) makes any useful/ground-breaking contributions to the field, and the reviewer’s own critical analysis of the book. For edited collections with chapters from more than one author, reviewers also consider how the editors have framed the collection, and how all the individual articles fit together. The most important aspect of a book review is to provide an overview of the book while also providing a framing argument or angle. It is not enough to offer merely a synopsis of the book. It is also necessary to offer a critical reading or argument about it.

Finally, book reviews are not subject to peer-review. They will be read by members of the editorial board, however, who will then communicate whether the review has been accepted, declined, or requires revisions.

Please note that Synoptique is not currently accepting manuscripts outside of the special topic issues organized by guest editors. If you are interested in submitting work to Synoptique, check out our current Call for Papers!