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Synoptique encourages guest editors within and outside Concordia University to propose  themed issues on current research trends in Film and Media Studies. We intend to showcase the research taking place at Concordia University, in Montreal, and in the broader international scholar community. You can find out more about the journal’s editorial line in the “About” section.

Possible areas of inquiry include, but are not limited to:

  • Distribution/Circulation/(In)Formal Economies of Media 
  • Emergent Media
  • Digital Media
  •  Decolonial Media Practices
  • Critical Race Studies
  • Labour and Media Industries
  • Histories and Theories of Political Cinema
  • Indigenous Media
  • Activist Media
  • Anthropological and Ethnographic Approaches to Film and Media
  • Infrastructure and Logistics of Media
  • Political Geographies
  • Media Industries
  • Queer and Feminist Approaches to Digital Culture
  • Non-Institutional Cinemas
  • Technologies
  • Global Television
  • Archival Practices

In line with the journal’s collaborative ethos, and to strengthen the ties between Concordia University and other Film and Media departments in Canada and abroad, we encourage collaboration between guest editors from different institutions. Moreover, guest editors will work in close partnership with Synoptique‘s Editorial Collective, as detailed in the points below.

The guest editing process entails the following phases:

  • Contact and meet with the Editorial Collective to pitch a themed issue.
  • Write the Call for Papers, and contact potential authors.
  • Put together a list of potential books to be reviewed.
  • Vet the selection of peer-reviewed articles.
  • Suggest peer-reviewers to the Editorial Collective, who will take care of the review process.
  • After peer-review: If receiving contradictory reviews (one positive and one negative), the Collective will find a third reviewer.
  • Write the introduction to the issue.
  • Once the peer-review process is finished, all the submission (including the introduction) will be sent to be copy-edited by the collective.

If you are interested in guest-editing an issue of Synoptique, contact the Editors-in-Chief at